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Volunteer/Emergency Worker of the Year Nominations Requested

Russell Co. Emergency ManagementRussell/Ellsworth County Emergency Management and the 911 Communications Advisory Board are once again requesting nominations for the Volunteer/Emergency Worker of the Year.

This is your opportunity to recognize and honor an emergency worker or volunteer for their dedication and service to our communities and county.

Even if you have nominated someone in the past, that person can be nominated again for consideration.

The formal rules are the person should serve or support the Russell County Emergency Services.

The person can be a member of a police, fire, sheriff, EMS, hospital, health, dispatch, wildlife and parks, or public works department.

Consideration is also given to volunteers who support any of these agencies or who volunteer for groups or agencies that support the emergency services such as Rotary Rescue, The Salvation Army, United Way, The American Red Cross or other volunteer organizations active in disasters.

The nominations will be considered and evaluated by the 911 Communications Advisory Board. The Board will render a decision on the best entry.

The winner or winners will be presented a Public Service Award Certificate during the National Weather Service Storm Fury on the Plains Weather Spotter Training on Tuesday, March 26 at 6:30 PM at the Dream Theater in Russell.

Last year, Russell County recognized Gary Blundon and Dale Weimaster as the 2018 Volunteers of the Year.

The first recipients of the award were Wayne Grabbe and Gordon Gorton in 1998, then Cindy Janssen in 1999, Alan Kuntzsch in 2000, Mike Finkenbinder in 2001, Tim Borders in 2002, Craig Langdon and Karl Houck in 2003, Steve Knopp in 2004, Gail Ogle in 2005, Tom Hirst and Lowell Vonada in 2006, Rod Steckel in 2007, Ron Major, Donna Fay Major and Tom Batt in 2008, David Evans in 2009, Larry Vaughan in 2010, Doug Janssen and Darlene Rose in 2011, Keith Koelling in 2012, Sam Schmidt in 2013, Don Boxberger in 2014, Shane Preston in 2015, Dave Anderson in 2016, and Glen Blundon, Chris Pasek, Durk Wecker and Jack Brown in 2017.

Please write a nomination letter of endorsement and deliver it by 9 AM on March 6 to Deanise Howard at the 911 Communications Dispatch Center at 133 West 8th Street in Russell, Kansas 67665 or to Keith Haberer at Russell/Ellsworth County Emergency Management at 850 Elm Street, P.O. Box 158, Bunker Hill, Kansas 67626.

(Information courtesy Russell/Ellsworth County Emergency Management.)

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