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Russell City Council Discusses City Codes, Rental Registration Program

Russell City Council 1-15-19The Russell City Council met Tuesday and discussed updating city codes, the 2020 budget and a rental registration program.

City Building Official Roger Sells and City Manager Jon Quinday talked to the Council about the ongoing process to update the various city codes.

City Manager Quinday...

The Council will consider the updates for approval in two weeks at its next meeting.

Also Tuesday, discussion continued regarding the 2020 budget. Miscellaneous funds were discussed.

The Council also held a discussion about possibly launching a residential rental registration program to better understand and improve the quality of rental properties in Russell. No action was taken Tuesday. City staff plans to meet with local landlords to discuss the proposed program further.

And after an executive session, the Council approved a motion to authorize the City Manager to negotiate for the necessary easements and right-of-way for the East Edwards Road extension, subject to final approval by the Governing Body.

April 16 Meeting Minutes

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