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Charbonneau is New Member of FHSU's Honors College

Fort Hays State UniversityThe Honors College at Fort Hays State University has selected 42 new students for the 2019-20 academic year.

Alexia Charbonneau, a sophomore majoring in biology and a 2017 Russell High School graduate, is a new member.

"The new, incoming 2019-20 class of the FHSU Honors College truly represents the best of the best," said Matt Means, director of the Honors College. "These 42 individuals bring to the university a vast array of prior accomplishment; they have amassed a significant collection of leadership and academic successes that portend extraordinary futures at FHSU and beyond."

"The Honors College set a new record for number of applications received this year, maintained a 90-percent yield rate among those accepted, and will grow to a total program size of around a hundred this fall," he said.

"These new students are joining a program of great strength and will become part of an ethos that has established a high bar of success," said Means.

The college offers three exclusive scholarships: The Regents Scholarship, the Tier 1 Scholarship and the Tier 2 Scholarship, all of which are renewable for three additional years.

The Regents Scholarship covers full tuition and fees up to 18 credit hours, room and board and includes $450 per semester for books. The Tier 1 Scholarship provides students with $4,000 for tuition and $6,000 for room and board. The Tier 2 Scholarship provides students with $3,500 for tuition and $3,200 for room and board.

(Information courtesy FHSU.)

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