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Russell City Council Approves Traffic Adjustments Around Elementary Schools

Russell City Council 1-15-19The Russell City Council met Tuesday and approved traffic and parking adjustments around Simpson and Bickerdyke Elementary Schools in Russell to address congestion and pedestrian safety.

The City will proceed with ordering the necessary signage and ordinance said City Manager Jon Quinday.

The main change will be the addition of one way streets.

14th Street on the north side of Simpson will be a one way street going east one block from Main to Kansas. 13th Street on the south side of Simpson will be a one way street going west one block from Kansas to Main. There will also be additional no parking areas and a new entrance to the north parking lot from Main Street. CLICK HERE for a map.

At Bickerdyke, 4th Street will be a one way street going east two blocks from Lincoln to Main. 3rd Street from Main to Lincoln is already a one way street and will remain the same. There will also be additional no parking areas. CLICK HERE for a map.

Also Tuesday, the Council approved the final draft of the Downtown Streetscape plan.

As funding becomes available through grants, the project will work in phases to revitalize the downtown area with new greenspaces, pocket parks, signs, a market square and amenities.

According to Quinday, Tuesday's approval allows city staff and organizers to begin searching for grant funding.

The plan is to fund the projects entirely by grants and outside money. Taxpayer money will not be used.

The 2020 budget and proposed mill levy were also discussed.


The budget will be considered for approval in August.

June 18 Meeting Minutes

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