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The Kansas Legislature Airs Feb. 14

The Kansas LegislatureThe Kansas Legislature, a local production of Smoky Hills PBS, will feature guests Senator John Doll of the 39th District and State Representatives Ken Rahjes of the 110th District and Susan Concannon of the 107th District this Friday night.

The Kansas Legislature is a program that airs during the legislative session, which gives the legislators and viewers the opportunity to discuss up-to-date issues. During the program, viewers can call 1-800-337-4788 with their legislative questions. The Kansas Legislature is hosted by Jay Steinmetz, PhD, Assistant Professor of Political Science from the Department of Political Science from FHSU.

The program airs live on Smoky Hills PBS at 7 PM on Fridays. You can also stream each episode live on the Smoky Hills PBS YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/SmokyHillsPBS.

The Kansas Legislature 2020 schedule is available at www.SmokyHillsPBS.org.

(Information courtesy SHPBS.)

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