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Tax Credit Program Helping Rural Businesses May Be Discontinued

Russell County Economic Development and CVBA state tax credit program built to help bring business to rural areas may be discontinued during the next legislative session.

The program, which partly involves revolving loans to help businesses refinance or expand, may come to an end if no action to keep it is taken. Janae Talbott of Russell County Economic Development and Convention and Visitors Bureau says the aforementioned part of the program is very important, but another function of the program is also involved.

"Part of that program is also their community facilities program, which hospitals such as ours, have used to get equipment or update their walking track and parking lot - just keep their facilities updated," Talbott said. "So, that's a program we'd like to see people talking to their legislators about and letting them know that we need that program to stay in place."

Talbott also said they are trying currently to get back in place a program that was cut last year by legislators that gave tax abatements to business owners wanting to move in to vacant - needing renovations - downtown buildings in rural communities.

Contact the Eco Devo and CVB office for more information and to find out how to best contact our elected state officials.

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