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Russell County's Unemployment Rate Jumps 4.9 Percent

April 2020 Unemployment RatesPreliminary estimates reported by the Labor Market Information Services (LMIS) division of the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 11.2 percent in April. This was an increase from 2.8 percent in March and an increase from 3.2 percent in April 2019.

"The unemployment rate in Kansas increased significantly from a historical low of 2.8 percent in March to a series high of 11.2 percent in April as workers across Kansas felt the effects of COVID-19 on the labor market," said Secretary Delía García. "The United States unemployment rate also reached a series high, increasing to 14.7 percent in April."

Russell County's unemployment rate in April was 7.4 percent, an increase from 2.5 percent in March. That's a 4.9 percent jump.

Seasonally adjusted job estimates indicate total Kansas nonfarm jobs decreased by 130,400 from March. Private sector jobs, a subset of total nonfarm jobs, decreased by 121,600 from the previous month, while government decreased by 8,800 jobs.

"April estimates reflect the impact of efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Job estimates fell by 130,400 over the month with reductions in the number of jobs for all major sectors," said Labor Economist Emilie Doerksen. "The leisure and hospitality sector saw a particularly sharp decline, accounting for 50,200 out of the total decrease since March."

Since April 2019, Kansas seasonally adjusted total nonfarm jobs have declined by 133,200. This change is due to a decrease of 125,500 private sector jobs and 7,700 government jobs.

BLS revised seasonally adjusted preliminary total nonfarm jobs estimates for March down by 5,500 jobs, from 1,428,400 to 1,422,900. Seasonally adjusted private sector jobs were revised down by 5,900 jobs, from 1,168,000 to 1,162,100.

Complete Kansas labor market information for April is available HERE.

The May 2020 Labor Report will be released on Friday, June 19.

This release includes nonfarm jobs and labor force estimates for April 2020. Data collected for this report references the week including April 12, during a statewide Stay Home order for the State of Kansas in response to COVID-19 that went into effect on March 30. Additional resources for affected workers and employers may be found at the Kansas Department of Labor's website: www.dol.ks.gov and www.GetKansasBenefits.gov.

(Information courtesy KDOL.)

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