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Friday Feel Good: A Helping Hand

Friday Feel Good #1 9-11-20Could you imagine needing assistance with every move you make? Something as simple as getting out to bed, taking a shower, having to be transferred at least 10 times a day? This is the reality for individuals living at 16th Street Group Home.

This facility is uniquely designed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who reside in Russell.

Residents were being transferred with a 18 year old lift. These systems are recommended to be changed every three years to insure the safety of both the individual and the caregiver.

The Russell County Area Community Foundation awarded a grant to the Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas to purchase a new lift for the Pioneer Developmental Center, improving the capabilities for the residents in care.

The grant also provided funds to repair and extend the outdoor patio at the facility. This extended area doubled the space for wheelchair accessibility.

"Getting outside, unfortunately, hasn't been easily accessible and was often challenging for people with disabilities," said grantee Cynthia Davis. "In this case, the patio extension decreased the safety risk of having wheelchairs on an uneven surface and has been a simple but life-enhancing addition."

Studies show that getting outside in fresh air and sunlight causes significant improvement in mood, self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

(Information and photo courtesy of RCACF.)

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