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Interim City Manager Quinday Comments on Stage IV Restrictions

Water Restrictions Interim City Manager and Police Chief Jon Quinday recently cleared up some of the confusion that has been swirling around the Russell City Council's Tuesday decision to declare a Stage IV Water Emergency in Russell.

Quinday says the move from Stage III to Stage IV Water Conservation is very simple and has one main change that affects Russell citizens.

"Before, in Stage III, you could water on your trash day certain hours in the morning and certain hours in the evening," Quinday said. "Starting November 1 with this new Stage IV, all outdoor watering of trees, shrubs and plants with water from the city municipal system is prohibited. Now it does not affect people that have private wells, they can still use what they want."

Quinday also said commercial businesses, such as car washes and green houses, are unaffected by the restrictions because of their need to use water to maintain their business, but they are of course asked to voluntarily try to conserve as much water as possible.

If you have any questions on the new restrictions, Quinday said don't hesitate to call City Hall and speak with either him or Public Works Director Arlyn Unrein.

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