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Now is the Time to Get Your Pets Ready for Winter

Dog Drinking WaterAs winter and colder temperatures approach, local officials urge pet owning residents to take this time before it gets too cold to prepare sufficient outdoor pet living conditions for your pets.

Russell Animal Control Officer Darlene Rose says take advantage of the currently warm temperatures before it's too late.

"When we've got such nice weather, we try to put off getting a dog house built better - putting some bedding in, really taking care of the pen for winter if you've got an outside dog - but don't put those things off, because the weather will come," said Rose. "If it surprises you, then your dog's out there without protection, which is not good for your dog and it also could lead to a ticket or having your dog picked up and impounded."

Rose says the best bedding to put in a dog house can be anything from a heavy blanket to straw. Also, make sure your pet has plenty of water at all times and that the water is not frozen.  

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