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Boat Tax Ballot Question Explained

election picture 2012When you go to the polls Tuesday, at the bottom of your ballot, you will find a Yes/No question about the Kansas Boat Tax that has some people confused.

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Biologist Scott Waters says the question is not as difficult as you might think.

"What they're looking at doing with this vote is trying to make an amendment to the state constitution, and that would allow the lawmakers to potentially change how these watercraft are classified as far as property and maybe eliminate property taxes alltogether," said Waters.

Waters says many neighboring states have no boat taxes, and this is creating a problem for Kansas.

"There's a lot of owners that unlawfully register their vessels in neighboring states and we see that with a lot of folks around here going up to Nebraska and registering their boats," he said.

Waters says a Yes vote Tuesday would only make an amendment and not completely eliminate the tax, but if the vote goes through, that would most likely be the next step.

Other local decisions to be made by Tuesday's election include the recall of Luray Mayor Chuck Pyle, the winner of the 3rd Russell County Commission District seat and the winner of the 36th Kansas Senate District seat. Stay with KRSL and KRSL.com for continued coverage.

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