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Water Conservation Discussed at Russell City Council Work Study

Quinday City CouncilWater conservation and what the City of Russell can do about the current water shortage, both in the short and long terms, was addressed at the Russell City Council's Tuesday Work Study.

Jim New, a retired water use consultant and citizen that is devoting his time to finding water solutions for Russell, recently attended the Kansas Governor's Water Conference in Manhattan. New shared with the council Tuesday what he learned at the conference and what he hopes Russell will do about the problem in the near future.

"My wish is that we would formulate a sound, scientific, long-range plan for water conservation - make it a priority," New said. "We need to teach people how to do it, encourage them to do it, use incentives and get it back in our budget. It's no different than a monetary budget - if you don't live within a budget, it isn't going to happen. You should always have some extra set aside. It's the same thing with this water."

Also discussed at Tuesday's meeting, reaction to the City of Hays dissolving its relationship with Russell with the Public Wholesale Water Supply District Number 15 and whether or not the City of Russell wants to dissolve the group completely or keep it around, further updates on electricity issues involving the power loop reliability system the city is considering, and a couple housekeeping items - a budget amendment and public transportation grant - the council will address at its next regular meeting in two weeks.

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