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Haberer Says Burn Permit Change will Simplify Process

Russell Co. Emergency ManagementRussell County Emergency Management Director Keith Haberer recently explained what the Russell County Commission's decision last week to change the renewal process for burn permits will do for his organization and the public.

Haberer comments it's a change that he is glad the Commissioners decided to make because it will simplify the process for everyone.

"Since we really haven't had any problems and things are going so well, the Commissioners decided to take off that expiration date," said Haberer. "We're not going to have it expire every year; your burn permit that you have in effect now, will remain in effect for the duration unless we would have some problems. It's going to be really good, it's going to save time, and it's going save my budget a lot of money by not having to mail everything out."

Permit holders within the county borders must still call-in every burn they plan so dispatchers can assess the current conditions and decide whether to allow or disallow the burn. Burn permits within Russell County apply to all rural areas of the county as well as all other incorporated cities, with the exception of the City of Russell.

To become a burn permit holder or for more information, contact the Russell County Emergency Management office.

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