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Bob Dole Released from Hospital Wednesday

Specter Dole 2011Former Republican Senator Bob Dole, a native of Russell, was hospitalized at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Tuesday, but according to spokespeople close to the senator, he was released Wednesday.

The Associated Press reports Dole Spokeswoman Marion Watkins said the 89-year-old is "doing very well." No other information about why Dole was at the center was released.

Dole is pictured (right) with the late Arlen Specter (left) who died last month. The two were in Russell last year during Prairiesta.

Dole, the 1996 Republican presidential nominee and 1976 GOP vice-presidential nominee, has been hospitalized multiple times in recent years, including for a leg infection in 2009. Dole, who will turn 90 in July, was seriously wounded in Italy during World War II and spent more than three years in the hospital.

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