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Inspection is Key Before Turning on Natural Gas

Natural Gas MeterAs temperatures around the area begin to drop and winter approaches, local city officials urge you to get your home's natural gas meter and lines inspected before turning the gas on.

Russell City Inspector Barry Mooney says gas companies require the inspections for safety reasons.

"When you have your gas turned off, during the summer time or whatever the case may be, and we do get into this cold season again, Kansas Gas does require a gas inspection done by myself," said Mooney. "Simplest thing to do: get a hold of a plumber, have them come over and pressurize your system, they will call me and make sure the system is holding the pressure accordingly. Once that's done I go out and verify them, watch it for about 15 or 20 minutes and make sure it doesn't drop. Once that occurs, everything's good, we call Kansas Gas, they come set the meter and life is grand."

For more information, contact Mooney at City Hall. 

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