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Project RedTire Helps Young Entrepreneurs

RedTireIf you are a business owner thinking of retiring or selling your business in the next three to five years, a new program titled RedTire can help you continue your business at the hands of a new, young entrepreneur.

The project, based and housed at the University of Kansas, pairs current business owners with up and coming young people who want to be entrepreneurs and small business owners themselves.

Russell County Economic Development and Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Janae Talbott says Project RedTire is a great program that is run by representatives at KU, but is built to serve the entire state.

"There's so many advantages to this," Talbott said. "For one, it gives a young person an opportunity to learn your business and learn your customers. It also provides them with that experience that they can get financing, because financing is tough right now, especially for younger folks. It also is important to the community because it keeps our businesses here."

For more information about the RedTire program, contact the Russell County Eco Devo and CVB office at 785-483-4000.

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