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Russell Dealing with Several Water Line Breaks

Water DropSeveral water line breaks have occurred in Russell over the last week causing a number of street problems and repairs in the city.

Russell Interim City Manager Jon Quinday says there has been about six water line breaks in the last week.

"I don't think you can give a definitive answer why each one is broken, but you can say that the cold weather, the dry ground, the shifting of the ground - if you compare it to your home or a structure, how your foundation shifts a little bit - that ground shifts and it causes those pipes to move. The older the pipes are the more likely or susceptible they are to breaking. That's what we're seeing now," said Quinday Thursday.

According to Quinday, most of the breaks are occurring in old, cast iron piping. Upgrades like the Elm Street Waterline Project currently underway should eliminate breaks like this by updating out-of-date cast iron piping with new plastic piping.

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