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Electric Department Staying Busy

powerTo continue to better the City of Russell's power grid, Russell Electric Utilities Director Duane Banks says several updates, upgrades and installations are currently taking place around the city.

Banks says the ultimate goal of all the work is to increase redundancy in the system, become more efficient and reduce the possibility of future outages.

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The Unit Seven project involves one of the city's generators that is being completely torn down, cleaned, inspected, upgraded with new parts and built back together. The 34.5 loop project is the installation and voltage upgrade of power lines that loop around the city, that when complete, will add redundancy - or basically a backup - to the system. And the last project that Banks mentioned is the replacement of a breaker, of which his department is currently replacing breakers at a couple locations. These replacements will allow the city to better diagnose the cause and area of an outage if and when one occurs.

Each update was brought to and approved by the Russell City Council.

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