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American Power Chassis Hoping to Open Later this Year

American Power ChassisAmerican Power Chassis, a motorhome chassis manufacturing company opening a plant in Russell, is slightly behind schedule in its hiring and production process, but as co-owner Jerry Brown told KRSL News Friday, the company has begun taking applications and hopes to open later this year.

Brown said Friday that originally they had hoped to open the doors to the plant, which is located in the old King of the Road building on South Front Street, by February of this year, but delays have resulted due to design changes to the actual chassis they will be manufacturing.

He says the jobs offered by the company will be mostly general manufacturing positions, such as materials handling and welders.

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Brown said he hopes to hire an initial amount of about 20 to 25 workers and an official opening date has not been set, but because of increased industry demand, they are targeting late summer to early fall.

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