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Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, Zoning Change Approved at Russell City Council Meeting

Russell City Council 2013Two separate ordinances to improve housing in Russell were approved Tuesday afternoon by the Russell City Council at its regular monthly meeting.

The first was a Neighborhood Revitalization Plan that the council has been considering for the last few months. Russell City Manager Jon Quinday says the program will offer tax rebates to homeowners and business owners that make improvements to their properties.

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The program does not cover all of Russell, but it does include a large portion of the city. CLICK HERE to see what areas will be included. The program will begin on July 1.

The other approved ordinance involves a zoning change to a small section of land in the western part of the city. The land, an area between St. John and Van Houten Streets, is currently partially developed, but a large portion of it is not. By rezoning a section of the land to commercial property, the current owner made an agreement with the local Advantage Realty Corporation to then sell the remaining residential land for home development. Jeannine Byers-Long says she got involved with the effort because she wants residential development in Russell, something that she also says is desperately needed.

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The ordinance was passed by the council 5 to 2 to 1, with one abstention. The topic was unique because the section of housing in question is actually a part of a restrictive covenant development that is somewhat comparable to a homeowners association where all homes in such an area have to meet certain size, style and value specifications.

CLICK HERE for a map of the area. CLICK HERE for the official ordinance in writing.

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