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Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Has Begun

City of Russell LogoThe City of Russell, as of July 1, has implemented its new Neighborhood Revitalization Plan. The plan applies to both residential and commercial application and is for existing properties and new construction.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, also referred to as NRP, creates an incremental tax rebate program to encourage reinvestment and development of the designated areas.

The criteria to determine property eligibility is:

  • The property is within the designated areas.
  • Construct of the improvement must have begun on or after July 1, 2013.
  • Must make a minimum investment of $5,000 for residential and $10,000 for commercial to receive a tax rebate.
  • The improvement must conform to the City of Russell's building, zoning and municipal codes in effect at the time the improvements are made.
  • Projects started before the applications are filed are not eligible.

Some example of improvements that may qualify for a tax rebate include: new house, new bathroom, new bedroom, finishing a basement, adding a garage, adding a storage shed on a foundation.

Examples of improvements that may not qualify for a tax rebate: new carpet, restoring hard floors, new linoleum, new roof, new doors, new windows, new paint, vinyl siding.

To view the entire Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, the application process, the tax rebate amount and schedule, and to see if your project qualifies for a rebate; contact Barry Mooney, the City's Building Official, at 785-483-6311.

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