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MORE COMMENTS: The Day the Music Died in Downtown Russell

Downtown RussellYou may have noticed recently that KRSL radio is no longer airing on the speaker system in downtown Russell. We want to know what you think...would you like to hear KRSL in downtown Russell again? See your comments at the end of this story.

Send your comments to [email protected] and we’ll talk about them on this Friday’s “Let’s Talk” Show at noon.

Consider this, KRSL has been broadcast on the Russell downtown speaker system since the late 1990’s, and of course, not only do you hear KRSL on the system,  but during the holidays each year, you can shop downtown Russell and hear Christmas music over the system. If the music stops in downtown Russell, whether it is the radio station or Christmas music, it is all or nothing. It would not be allowed to air “any” music on the downtown speaker system.

However, as long as the system is operational, you will be able to hear KRSL radio live during parade broadcasts.

Personally, I believe that airing the local radio station on the downtown speaker system is one of our “small town” traditions and many people identify Russell with that. In an interview with the voice of the Jayhawks, Bob Davis on KRSL earlier this year, Bob talked about the radio station on main street in Russell.

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Your Comments:

I come to Russell every summer for about 6 weeks. I'm from Jacksonville Florida and the population is a little over a million people. There is NOTHING better than small towns. One great thing about small towns are some of the great things you offer. This being one of them. Music makes people smile. Puts them in a better mood. Its always great to hear the parade announcements, or when we come at Christmas to hear the holiday music. This year we noticed no parade update. PLEASE keep it. It’s an advantage of small town USA and gets lost in big city chaos.
Stacey Applebee

I enjoy coming home and listening to the music down town.  I do not make it to Russell very often.  Please continue to play your music down town.  I always read the information on your website.  Sometimes this is the only way I know if somsone passed away that I know. Thanks You.
Tanya (Louder) LaMastus

Dear KRSL,
Our family loves to hear the radio downtown. It is one of the things that makes Russell special. Thank you,
Angela Muller

Larry, it would be my wish to keep KRSL on the speakers downtown; as we have the radio turned to KRSL AM all day and enjoy it when we’re downtown.
Sincerely,   Devane Dinkel

Keep it going. It is nice  for a small town to have something unique. it is really nice to hear the Christmas music. It gets you in the Holiday spirit.
Jim and Armella Wetig

Keep the music on. It is a part of Russell.
Zelda Martin

I think its a good thing we hear you guys downtown. . Thats part of Russell!!
Sabrina Matthews

Interesting topic of discussion.
I have AM990 playing in my office via live stream from the website during the day and in my pickup.  I like having background music while I am working.  Classic Country just happens to be my choice and I enjoy listening to Royals baseball.  
I guess I did not notice that it has not been playing on main street until you made the comment on it last Friday.  Now that I have paid attention, I would like it to be re-instated.  As far as playing it in the rest of the office, I guess I leave that up to the office staff.  It can be a distraction if you are not typically a listener and that kind of thing distracts from concentration.  
Jason L. Pfeifer

Was not the same without the patriotic music, not downtown is just wrong, thank you for all you do
Susan Krug

If downtown is Rockin, Don't bother knockin. I love hearing the classics playing on the street, walking to the coffee shop, work or just listening to parades, etc..... Keep it on Please.
Walkin up the street you can hear the sound of KRSL layin it down.
Thank you, and Stevie Ray Vaughn for the lyric help. LOL
Kaylee Karst

I think it should be played, it gives  Russell some of out downtown appeal.
Doug Mcadoo

I really like having the music playing downtown (as long as it's the Classic Rock station).  I agree that it is one of our small town traditions and is nice when we go for a walk up and down Main.  
Andrea Moreland

Keep the music going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Lofland

I was just commenting to my mom about this the day of the Oilfield Parade.  We were sitting outside of the old J.C. Penny building next to the Dream, and we could not hear the broadcast of the parade.  I really wish you would play the music again downtown.  It is comforting and relaxing to hear the music play as you shop and run errands.  I'm surprised this is even a question.  It was a great addition to our community.
Sarah Rhodes

I work on Main Street right in front of a very loud speaker I enjoy being able to hear the high school games and such during the day however wish it didnt have to be so loud as when I am on the phone speaking to clients they can hear it in the background I would vote to keep it if the volume could be adjusted in front of the office.

Please bring back the music over the downtown speakers in Russell.  I see many people sitting outside various buildings from time to time, whether it be a break from shopping, a cool drink on the business patio, or waiting for a court hearing & they enjoy listening to the daily music and announcements of our towns events.  Thanks for all you do :)
Susan Tomasino

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