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Russell City Council Discusses Zoning Change

Russell City Council 2013 JuneAfter much discussion Tuesday afternoon at its regular monthly meeting, the Russell City Council voted to table action on a zoning change in western Russell.

The land in question is located at the intersection of 3rd and St. John Streets and is currently farm ground, but is zoned for residential use.

The change, which would switch the small section of land from residential to commercial for the building of a large utility shed, was recommended for approval by the Russell Planning Commission, but City Councilman GJ Long disagreed.

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Together with another recent zoning change in that area, Councilman Tony Witt understood Long's point, but stated he didn't think it was right to slight the planning commission's recommendation.

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Also addressed Tuesday at the meeting was an agreement with KDOT about the connecting link system in and to the east of Russell. According to City Manager Jon Quinday, back in 2012 KDOT approached the city about maintenance of US Highway 40 from Fossil Street east to the city limits, and the county from the city limits to Interstate 70. Currently, all maintenance on those stretches of road is performed by city and county crews, but because of Highway 40's status as a connecting link from major highway to major highway, a large amount of the maintenance costs are paid for by KDOT.

However, with the previous passage of the proposed KDOT agreement by the Russell County Commissioners, the Russell City Council also passed the agreement Tuesday. City and county crews will still do the maintenance, but will not receive as much funding reimbursement.

Continued discussion on additional water sources and the Pfeifer Wellfield expansion was addressed at the meeting as well. David Arterberry of George K. Baum and Company was present to begin discussions on issuance of bonds and temporary notes to finance the wellfield expansion.

A water source update was also given, where Public Works Director Arlyn Unrein said Big Creek is still not flowing, but the Pfeifer well levels are steady. No discussion on easement of water restrictions was held.

CLICK HERE for the August 20 regular meeting minutes.

CLICK HERE for the September 3 special meeting minutes.

The September 17 meeting minutes will be made available when they are released.

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