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RHS Students Honored by KU

KU Honors 2013The Kansas Honors Program recognized area high school seniors for their academic achievements on Thursday, October 10 in Hays.

Each year University of Kansas Alumni gather in more than 37 locations across the state for an awards ceremony and honorary dinner or reception. All high school seniors who rank academically in the top 10 percent of their class are asked to attend as guests of the KU Alumni Association with their parents, principals, counselors and superintendents.

Russell High School students that were honored at the program this year include Janna Schulte, Gage Nichols, Alex Ptacek, Isaiah Stierlen, Joey Oste and Christopher Hilger.

The Kansas Honors Program has been a KU tradition since 1971. It is designed to promote academic excellence in secondary education, to reward high school seniors for their hard work and dedication, and to support Kansas communities.

Each Kansas Honor Scholar receives a certificate and a special edition of Webster's New College Dictionary, and has a chance to qualify for a $4,000 scholarship to KU. Scholars are selected based on academic records through the previous semester that are provided by high school principals. Selections are made regardless of curricula (weighted or non-weighted), majors, occupational plans or higher-education goals.

Pictured above left to right are RHS Government Teacher Dan Rheingans, Janna Schulte, Gage Nichols, Alex Ptacek, Isaiah Stierlen, Joey Oste, Area Representative Nancy Lane and RHS Principal Larry Bernard. Not pictured is Christopher Hilger.

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