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Russell City Council Votes Down Zoning Change

Russell City Council 2013 JuneA change of zoning request for a small section of residential land in western Russell that would have rezoned the ground as commercial land was voted down by Russell City Councilmembers Tuesday.

The land, currently used as farm ground, is located at the intersection of 3rd and St. John Streets near a large residential area. If the rezoning had been approved, it was the intention of the land owner to build a large storage shed on the property.

Four members of the public spoke against the zoning request at Tuesday's meeting.

One of those citizens was Shelly Boxberger...

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Two months ago, the initial rezoning request was approved by the Russell Planning Commission and then sent to the Council for final action. Councilman GJ Long says he doesn't understand why the Commission approved the request and he is disappointed with their input.

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Also discussed Tuesday was the upcoming possible implementation of the Personal and Family Protection Act, which would allow folks with concealed carry permits to carry their arms into city buildings without search. The law was approved by state legislators in July, but the City of Russell filed a six month extension with the state to better understand the law and decide what to do.

City Manager Jon Quinday says a decision does not need to be made until January, but its looking like the city will eventually allow the law to go into effect, simply because the alternative is too expensive.

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Other meeting topics included updates on the Pfeifer Well Field Expansion project, which is moving right along according to Public Works Director Arlyn Unrein, and continued talks on how to pay for said project. Financial Advisor David Arterbury of George K. Baum and Company was present to update the Council on the financing of the project. He announced the city went with United National Bank at an interest rate of 0.9 percent.

CLICK HERE for the September 17 meeting minutes. The October 15 meeting minutes will be made available when they are released.

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