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Russell to Undertake Citywide Housing Study

City of Russell LogoThe City of Russell welcomes all interested citizens to share their impressions and opinions about the city's housing supply and market.

A significant element of the early phases of the housing study is gathering an understanding of public opinions and feelings about housing in Russell. The city would appreciate residents taking a moment to complete an online survey on this topic.

An online link to the survey can be found on the following websites: www.russellcity.org, www.russellcoks.org, www.foradvantage.com, or https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RussellHousingStudy. Paper copies are available at the City Building at 133 W. 8th Street.

Additionally, a short survey will be mailed to all utility customers with their February statement. Please complete the short survey and return it with your utility bill.

This housing study addresses historic trends, the current condition of housing, changes in the real estate market, indexes how affordable housing is in the city and projects demand for future housing across a range of types and price points. After analyzing this data, the study makes specific policy and program recommendations that the city can implement into a plan to address issues and challenges facing the housing market.

No growth or slow growth in a housing market can hinder the ability to attract new business or expand current business, make it difficult for young professionals to locate here or other problems such as deteriorating and substandard housing. A housing plan is intended to give policy makers and housing developers a guide to ensure a healthy and functioning housing market that offers opportunities for safe, affordable housing to all residents.

If you have any questions about the housing study please contact City Manager Jon Quinday at the City Building at 133 W. 8th Street or at 785-483-6311.

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