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Russell County Barn Quilt Trail Deadline Nears

Barn QuiltAs part of the largest public art displays in the nation, the kick-off for the Russell County Barn Quilt Trail was held during the Russell County Free Fair in 2013 where more than 24 "quilt blocks" showcased local artists.

"There is growing interest in barn quilts across the country," said Pam Soetaert, one of the project coordinators. "The interest in barn quilts and our connection to agriculture makes this a natural for our area."

Many of those who displayed their barn quilt art at the fair have yet to notify the committee of where their art is going to be displayed. Addresses are needed to complete the brochure and the place locations on a countywide map.

"We are nearing the time when tourists will be traveling and looking for the agriculture art," Soetaert said. "We want to make sure all of the barn quilts in the county are included and that we don't miss anyone."

The proposed quilt trail will feature decorative barn quilts created by local artists. Deadline to be included in the brochure created for the 2014 travel season is March 1. A donation of $50 is requested to help cover the cost of promoting the project.

The American Barn Quilt Trail includes more than 3,000 barn quilts, inviting visitors to travel the countryside to enjoy barn quilt art nationwide. The Russell County Barn Quilt Trail Committee hopes as quilt enthusiasts become aware of the project, they will add their own quilt art to the trail.

Barn quilts are quilt-square designs that are painted on wooden sheets and then affixed to barns or other outbuildings. Quilt squares in the rural areas are traditionally eight feet by eight feet. Those located "in town" are four feet by four feet. The quilt committee has a list of artists who can create barn quilts for those who do not have the talent or the inclination to create their own works of art.

"Committee members believe the quilt trail will draw visitors to our rural communities as well as promote countywide pride and showcase agriculture and our oil industry," Soetaert said.

New participants are welcome to join the trail committee. Those interested in creating a quilt block or with a barn or outbuilding to display the quilt block are encouraged to contact the Russell County Barn Quilt Committee through [email protected] for additional information.

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