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Film Director Searching for the Perfect Kansas Barn

Coca ColaA film director is looking for a barn in Kansas for a Coca-Cola commercial.

Zach Lowry, director of New York-based Flex Collective, wants to come to Kansas in May or June to shoot a Coke commercial.

He first wants to find a weathered, wood barn, with a wood-shingled roof, next to or surrounded by a wheat field. The barn also has to be big enough for a 1965 Mustang to fit diagonally inside and have a ceiling 20 feet or higher and windows or side slits for light rays to show through.

Marci Penner, director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, sent emails last week asking if anyone in Kansas might know of such a barn. So far, she's gotten more than 2,500 responses.

If you know of a barn that might work, contact Lowry at [email protected] or call 610-710-5245, or send an email to Penner at [email protected]

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