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Temporary Speed Limit Change Around Russell Regional Hospital

20 MPH SpeedThe Russell Police Department has announced a temporary speed limit change on streets that surround Russell Regional Hospital.

On June 9, the speed limit will change on Luray Street from Lincoln east to Elm, on South Kansas from Jewell to Luray and on South Maple from Jewell to Luray, or identified areas west, south and east of the hospital.

The speed will be reduced to from 30 mph to 20 mph by placing new speed limit signs on Luray, South Maple and South Kansas Streets.

The speed limit is being changed to reduce the speed around the hospital, an area where the current speed is of a safety concern to pedestrians arriving, exercising and exiting the hospital.

This is a temporary traffic regulation to gain information to consider the possibility of making the reduced speed limit around Russell Regional Hospital permanent. The information gained will be used to make a recommendation to the governing body of the City of Russell. This temporary regulation shall remain in force for no more than 90 days.

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