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Russell County Historical Society Offers Help with Genealogy Research

Fossil Station MuseumDid you grow up in Russell County? How long has your family lived here? Where did you come from? The Russell County Historical Society might be able to help you answer those questions.

The Historical Society's Kay Homewood says folks searching for Russell County genealogical information are more than welcome to talk to her or anyone at the Fossil Station Museum on Kansas Street in Russell.

Homewood says the State of Kansas began keeping birth and death records in 1911, but the Russell County Historical Society has an extensive research and photograph library that includes pre-1911 records.

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Personal information, such as occupations, church and civil organization affiliations, funeral arrangements and cause of death, are also just a few of the documents the Historical Society has.

Homewood explains if you moved away several years ago, you can contact the Historical Society and maybe even see the house where you grew up.

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Again for more information, stop by the Fossil Station Museum on Kansas Street behind the Russell County Courthouse.

And if you haven't had a chance yet, the Fossil Station Museum is still exhibiting its summer displays featuring the history of the Russell Post Office and Wilson Lake. Newly discovered in their archives are photos of Wilson Lake's Rocktown area taken in the 1920s way before the lake was constructed.

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