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City of Russell Replacing Electric Meters

ITRON Electric MetersThe City of Russell has begun another phase in improving its utilities infrastructure.

In addition to its on-going Water Meter Replacement and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Program, city electric crews have begun replacing manual read electric meters with ITRON AMR. The ITRON electric meters will be equipped with the same radio transmitting devices as water meters that will enable them to read both your water and electric meters from a vehicle equipped to receive and store the readings.

The combined systems will allow the City to provide timely and accurate responses to your water and electric meter reading inquiries. Over the next several months, every home and business in Russell will be upgraded with the new AMR system.

The benefits of an automatic meter reading system include:

1. Increased productivity and reduced meter reading costs.

2. Provide accurate usage reports ensuring accurate bills.

3. Provide efficiencies in the billing which will allow for improved customer service.

4. Minimizes the need for anyone to regularly access your property to read your water meter.

While the City has contracted with J&N Utilities of Blue Springs, Missouri to install the water meters, City of Russell electric distribution employees will be installing the AMR electric meters over the next several months.

If you have any questions about the Water or Electric Meter Replacement and AMR Program, call the City Building at 483-6311.

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