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Open Carry of Firearms in Russell Municipal Buildings Banned

Russell City Council 5-6-14The Russell City Council voted Tuesday afternoon to ban the open carry of firearms in all municipal buildings.

The issue was raised following recent State of Kansas legislation stating both concealed carry and open carry of firearms is allowed in public buildings.

However, Russell City Manager Jon Quinday says cities and counties were given the option to prohibit either if they wanted.

Quinday says concealed carry is allowed in most Russell public buildings, but with the Council's action Tuesday, open carry is prohibited.

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Also Tuesday, the Council approved a year 2013 audit report, the 2015 budget, and capital improvement, equipment reserve and utilities reserve plans for the next few years.

The spending of several thousand dollars was approved Tuesday as well.

The Council voted to purchase replacement in-car video systems for the Russell Police Department totaling approximately $35,500, authorize roof repairs at the Electric Department's Distribution Warehouse and South Energy Center totaling nearly $50,000, pay the final payment for the Memorial Park Lift Station project for just under $79,000 and pay a partial payment for the Water AMR Installation project totaling almost $48,000.

Discussion regarding the renaming of the Russell Municipal Airport was postponed to a later meeting due to only five of the eight Councilmembers being present Tuesday afternoon. Councilman Jim Cross made a motion at the beginning of the meeting to amend the agenda to remove the topic until a time when all Councilmembers were present because of the item's notoriety. 

Councilmembers Jim Cross, Norma Jean Cook and Blaine Stoppel voted to amend the agenda, while GJ Long and Chuck Bean voted no. Councilmembers Richard Cross, Paul Phillips and Michelle Wagner were absent.

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