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Waymaster: Budget Shortfalls Headline 2015 Legislative Session

Sorry, you have not enough rights to view this image.109th State House Representative Troy L. Waymaster of Bunker Hill recently appeared on KRSL's Morning Show and said budget shortfalls will headline the 2015 legislative session in Topeka.

Waymaster, recently selected to serve as Chairman of the General Government Budget committee for the Kansas House of Representatives, says an immediate re-evaluation of the budget is necessary.


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In addition to his new duty as chairman, Waymaster also serves on the Appropriations and Agriculture and Natural Resources House committees and says 2016 doesn't, at the moment, look much better.

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He says there are two main trains of thought in Topeka right now in regards to finding a solution.

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Education funding, medical marijuana and a right-to-try bill concerning medicine for terminally ill patients are other issues to be addressed this session according to Waymaster.

Waymaster began his second term in the Kansas House January 12.

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