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Ad Astra Rural Jobs Act Passes State House

Troy Waymaster - LurayThis week, House Bill 2168, the Ad Astra Rural Jobs Act was debated and passed on the floor of the State House of Representatives in Topeka. The bill was introduced by Representative Troy Waymaster of Bunker Hill.

According to Waymaster, this bill provides tax credits to approved investment companies that loan capital to businesses that are wanting to build new, expand or relocate to rural Kansas counties and create jobs.

This jobs act would specifically identify a rural area of the state as being a city that has a population of 60,000 or less, or could be designated as one by the Secretary of Commerce.

This bill would integrate job creation criteria and priorities that would enhance the Rural Opportunity Zones that were incorporated in 2011.

House Bill 2168 passed the House of Representatives on March 14, by a vote of 97 to 22, and now heads to the State Senate.

For more information: Waymaster Introduces Bill to Encourage Rural Job Growth

(Information courtesy Representative Troy Waymaster.)

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