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Russell City Council Discusses Golf Tournaments, Infrastructure Repairs

Russell City Council 2-7-17The Russell City Council met Tuesday afternoon for its monthly work study and discussed golf tournaments, infrastructure repairs and contractor licensing.

Over the past couple months, the Council has been considering golf tournament fees and scheduling for the Russell Municipal Golf Course for 2018 and the future.

The Council reviewed a proposed resolution Tuesday regarding the fees.

City Manager Jon Quinday...

The Council also talked about tournament scheduling.

The resolutions will be considered for approval in two weeks at the Council's next regular meeting.

Also Tuesday, Russell Public Works Director Rich Krause told the Council the city's bridges were recently inspected.

Krause will present a professional services agreement for the repairs to the Council for approval in two weeks.

Structural and roof improvement bids for the previously condemned property at 830 North Main Street were discussed as well.


Contractor licensing revisions and electric department equipment upgrades were also addressed.

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