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Russell County Communications Now Accepting Text-to-911 Messages

Text-to-911 Map 11-2-17As of November 2, Text-to-911 service is available in Russell County for those individuals who cannot safely make a voice call to 911 in an emergency.

Testing for Text-to-911 has been completed in Russell County and is available with plans from Nex-Tech Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

Text-to-911 may not be available outside of Russell County. If a text is made to 911 where that service is not available, a message will be sent back to the phone advising the customer to make a voice call.

Some situations when Text-to-911 is appropriate:

  • Deaf, hard of hearing caller, or individuals with a speech disability.
  • A caller who is unable to speak due to a medical or other condition.
  • Emergency situations that would put the caller in danger if making a voice call; examples include abduction, domestic violence or active shooter situations.

When texting to 911, follow these guidelines:

  • Provide your exact address or location.
  • Explain the type of emergency or help that is being requested.
  • Be prepared to answer any questions that the 911 dispatcher texts back.
  • Use plain language; do not use abbreviations, symbols, emoticons or photos.
  • Messages should be brief and concise.

Texting 911 can be done by typing "911" in the field for a phone number. No other numbers need to be used.

Texting should be done through your wireless phones text messaging service and not from a third party texting application.

Text-to-911 does require an active telephone service plan with data or it will not work.

Remember, the best way to contact 911 is by making a voice call. Please only utilize this service in emergency circumstances where a voice call is not possible or safe.

Russell County Communications and the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council are excited to offer Text-to-911 service to Russell County.

Remember: CALL if You Can, TEXT if You Can't!

Since 1996, Russell County has contracted with the City of Russell to manage and operate countywide emergency communications and 911 services. Known as Russell County Communications, the 911 Dispatch Center is housed at the City Building and operates 24/7 every day of the year, provides NG-911 service to all of Russell County and dispatches for the Russell County Sheriff, Russell County EMS, Russell Police, Russell City Fire, Gorham Fire, Russell-Grant Fire, Dorrance Fire, Rural Fire District #5, Paradise Fire, Waldo Fire, Natoma Fire, Lucas Fire, Luray Fire, and provides support to our local state troopers and Department of Wildlife and Parks officers.

(Information courtesy City of Russell.)

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