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USD 407 Explains RHS Heating Issue

Russell Champion MascottUSD 407 - Russell High School is currently experiencing a heating issue due to a failed gas valve on one of the three boilers. The valve malfunctioned on December 28 and was shut down following safety protocols.

The valve is manufactured in Germany and Nate Braun, Head Maintenance for USD 407, was able to locate the needed valve in Massachusetts. The valve was ordered that day with an estimated two-week delivery.

Due to the extreme cold temperatures that continued to occur and the building being unoccupied, the water temperature in the boilers dropped causing the two remaining boilers to work extremely hard and not be able to maintain air temperature in the 125,000 square foot structure.

In an effort to raise the temperature of the building and keep the pipes from freezing, the district used propane heaters during the night of January 2 while the building was unoccupied. Nate Braun stayed in the building and monitored the heaters throughout the night. The additional heaters were cross-ventilated the entire time. The additional heaters were removed at 8 AM on January 3, two hours prior to the scheduled 10 AM late start for the district. Comfort Pro from Russell was contacted to do an air analysis to ensure that the level of carbon monoxide level present in the building was safe for the students and staff to enter.

Throughout the day on January 3 the water temperature in the boilers rose and the building was able to maintain temperature throughout the night of January 3. The building temperature continues to rise with the rising warm air temperatures outside. Because the building did hold heat as expected, there was not a need to run additional heaters throughout the night and classes commenced at 8 AM on January 4.

The district has five (5.82) school cancellation days built into its calendar that translates into 40.75 hours. The Kansas State Department of Education audits school districts annually to verify that the minimum amount of instructional time is met. The audit for the entire district is based upon the school within the district that documents the least amount of school attendance. Therefore, if one building is released from school any amount of time, that affects the audited time for the district. The district's criteria for determining whether school should be in session on January 3 included the following:

  • No residual carbon monoxide in the building;
  • All occupied spaces registering at 60 degrees or higher;
  • The building heating system sufficiently supplying enough heat to carry the building through the day; and
  • The consistent rise of the outside temperature throughout the day.

Knowing that all four criteria were met before the 10 AM start on January 3, the district held classes as scheduled.

The district is monitoring the situation very closely and anticipates the needed part for the third boiler to arrive on Friday, January 5. Upon arrival, American Boiler will install the part.

The district's first and foremost priority always is to maintain a safe environment for all staff and students. They appreciate your patience and concern throughout this time.

(Information courtesy USD 407.)

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