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Waymaster to Serve on Transportation Vision Task Force

Troy Waymaster - LurayState Representative Troy L. Waymaster has been named to serve on the Joint Legislative Transportation Vision Task Force for the Kansas Department of Transportation District 3.

House Substitute for Senate Bill 391, which passed during the 2018 Legislative Session, establishes this task force to evaluate the current highway funding and the future of highway projects for the state of Kansas.

A formal announcement from Kansas Speaker of the House of Representatives Ron Ryckman, Jr. stipulated the members that will serve on the task force.

Representative Waymaster, who is Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, is specifically named in the bill to serve on the task force.

The Joint Legislative Transportation Vision Task Force, which will be comprised of 29 members, was created by the Legislature to make recommendations for the next state transportation program due to the current highway program, T-Works, reaching the end of its 10 year plan.

The task force will evaluate the T-Works program, the conditions of the current state infrastructure and the needs of the highway system.

The first scheduled meeting will happen after the remaining members are named.

Recommendations from the task force will be reported to the Legislature no later than January 30, 2019.

(Information courtesy Representative Troy L. Waymaster.)

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