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2018 Bricks, Broncs & BBQ Winners Announced

Bricks Broncs and BBQ LogoThe 2018 Bricks, Broncs & BBQ winners have been announced by Russell Main Street, Inc.

BBQ Contest (17 teams)

Grand Champion: Manny's BBQ, Salina

Reserve Grand Champion: The Tinderloins, Russell


1. Can't Beat Our Meat (Daman Glover), Brewster

2. The Tinderloins (Mike Parsons, Nathan Kingsbury, Chris Sipe), Russell

3. Manny's BBQ (Chris Rios), Salina

4. Bull Rack BBQ (Jeff Ochampaugh), Russell


1. Smokin' Bees BBQ (Ryan Applebee), Hoisington

2. Manny's BBQ, Salina

3. Plumb Crazy BBQ (Joe Lamb), Hoisington

4. Rub My Butt BBQ (Darrell Shives), Hoisington


1. Can't Beat Our Meat, Brewster

2. Big Blue & the Boys (Brandon Nuss), Russell

3. Manny's BBQ, Salina

4. The Tinderloins, Russell


1. Plumb Crazy BBQ, Hoisington

2. The Tinderloins, Russell

3. Manny's BBQ, Salina

4. Audball's BBQ (Audra Lamb), Hoisington

Pie Contest (8 Entries)

Adult Fruit:

1. Ashleigh Meyer, Russell: Apple Basket Weave Crust

2. Malory Peterson, Russell: Apple Crumb

Junior Fruit:

1. Briceson Pasek, Dorrance: Apple Basket Weave with Leaf

2. Kierra Eck, Russell: Strawberry Rhubarb

3. Jaelyn Keener, Russell: Strawberry Pie

Junior Cream:

1. Jaelynn Keener, Russell: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Pie

2. Kierra Eck, Russell: German Chocolate Pie

Cornhole Tournament (28 Teams)

1. Saggy Bag Boys, Todd Alerdice and Brian Dewezal (Hoisington)

2. Auto Artistry, Mike Schoech (Russell) and Dave Juenemann (Victoria)

3. Team Keystone, Chris Sipe and Michael Cook (Russell)

(Information courtesy RMSI.)

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