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Reports for Monday, October 15, 2018
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KRSL Studios


Russell Airport


Bill Murphy, Covert

No Report

Tim Maier, 4 miles E of Galatia

No Report

Ronny Letsch, Luray


Troy Waymaster, 7.5 miles S of Bunker Hill

No Report

Linda Eck, Tipton

No Report

Dustin and Sarah Finkenbinder, Waldo

No Report

Kory Killian, 10.5 Miles South of Russell

No Report

Leah Maupin, Fossil Lake S of Russell

No Report

Blaine Maier, 9 miles S of Russell


Bob Schmitt Farm, South of Gorham

No Report

Karla Kingsbury, 8 miles South of Dorrance

No Report

Carolyn Schultz, 7 miles NW of Lucas

No Report

Leslie Betts, 4 miles SW of Dorrance

No Report

Wayne Funk, 3 miles West of Milberger

No Report

Brad Zorn, 6 NW of Dorrance


Merl Ney, 10 Miles South of Russell

No Report

Larry Pasek, Dorrance

No Report

Keith Haberer, 8 miles NW of Russell

No Report

Malcolm Shaw, Wilson


Gary Kilian, 6 miles North of Russell on Hwy 281 No Report

Jerry & Ramona Brown, 3 Miles SE of Bunker Hill

No Report

Jerry Morgenstern, Hoisington


Steve and Raeleen Reinhardt, 11 SW of Russell

No Report

Larry and Sandy Daugherty, Russell


Russell County Landfill, 4 Miles N of Russell No Report
Jon Birky, Klema's Apple Market in Russell No Report
Broncos on KRSL
Russell, KS weather