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Healing Services Offered at St. John Lutheran Church

2021 Healing Services
2021 Healing Services

The holiday season is not a joyful one for everyone, especially those who are grieving, dealing with severe or chronic illness, those who are coping with depression or anxiety, and those who have been hard hit financially.

The church embraces the ministry of healing as an important way of bringing the loving care of God to people in their need. Although the dimensions of this healing work are many and include a variety of institutions dedicated to it, the ministry of healing has its foundation in the prayer of the worshiping community, where two or three are gathered at a particular time of need.

In the rite of healing, the church does not replace the gifts of God that come through the scientific or medical community, nor does it promise a cure. Rather, the church offers and celebrates gifts such as these: God's presence with strength and comfort in time of suffering, God's promise of wholeness and peace, and God's love embodied in the community of faith.

Pastor Teri Sutherlin will offer weekly healing services beginning November 11 at St. John Lutheran Church at 425 North Main Street in Russell. Services will begin at 5:30 PM and will be 30 to 45 minutes. Anyone is welcome to attend these services, which will continue through the Christmas season.

(Information courtesy St. John Lutheran Church.)