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Midway Extension District Will Host Wheat Variety Plot Tours May 25

Midway Extension District of Russell and Ellsworth Counties
Midway Extension District of Russell and Ellsworth Counties

The Midway Extension District will host wheat variety plot tours on Wednesday, May 25.

The tours will start in Russell at 7:30 AM at the plot located east of Russell High School's Shaffer Field at the corner of State and North Copeland Streets. Refreshments and doughnuts will be provided.

The tours will conclude in Lorraine starting at 11:30 AM at the plot located just west of 8th Road on Avenue W. A light lunch with sandwiches will be served after.

Topics covered will be wheat varieties selection, 2022 growing conditions and wheat disease updates.

There is no cost to attend, but registration is encouraged for an attendance count for refreshments and lunch.

Register at https://www.midway.k-state.edu/events/index.html.

Contact Craig Dinkel, Crop Production Agent, with any questions or for help with registration at 785-472-4442 or cadinkel@ksu.edu.

(Information courtesy Midway Extension District.)