City of Russell to Offer Tree Limb Pick Up Beginning June 13

City of Russell Logo
City of Russell Logo

Russell residents who have downed tree limbs from Friday's storm are asked to place the limbs curbside and call the City Building at 785-483-6311 with your name and address.

City crews will begin picking up tree limbs from this storm on Thursday, June 13 and will continue picking up over the next few weeks, as time permits.

Please remember to place your tree limbs curbside. If possible, residents are asked to place the limbs parallel to the curbside, which speeds up the pickup process.

Crews will not go onto private property or collect tree limbs from alleys. Please do not block sidewalks and keep at least a three-foot clear space around fire hydrants and utility pedestals.

They appreciate your patience and cooperation.

(Information courtesy City of Russell.)