Letter to the Community from Bob Dole

Bob Dole at KRSL on July 2, 2014
Bob Dole at KRSL on July 2, 2014

Russell's favorite native son, former US Senator Bob Dole, penned a letter to the Russell community as Prairiesta begins.

"Dear Friends of Russell,

I am pleased to extend a warm welcome to everyone gathered in Russell to celebrate another year of Prairiesta. Every ten years, Russell comes together to commemorate the rich history of our hometown and celebrate the progress we've made over the past 150 years.

I'll always remain grateful to the people of Russell. Throughout my life, you've been there for me - during the difficult days of my recovery after World War II and at the high points of my career, too. Your friendship and continuous support have meant a great deal to me, and I'll always consider Russell home.

I wish I could be there with you during the festivities this year, but I'll have to celebrate from afar. Elizabeth joins me in sending our very best to each and every one of you.

God Bless America,

Bob Dole"

Bob Dole Letter June 10 2021