Prairiesta "Brothers of the Brush" Contest to Begin Tuesday, March 2

Prairiesta Logo
Prairiesta Logo

Prairiesta 2021 is just around the corner. “Brothers of the community, it is time to start growing beards, longer sideburns, mustaches or goatees,“ says Blaine Stoppel, “Brothers of the Brush” chairman.

All men are encouraged to join in the celebration by becoming “Brothers of the Brush.” Chapters are being organized in the community and during the Prairiesta 2021 celebration on June 10-13, a contest will be held to determine the best “brushes” grown to commemorate Russell’s 150th birthday.

Cash prizes will be awarded in the following categories: longest beard; whitest beard; beard with the most natural color; mutton chops sideburns, mustaches and goatees to be judged as one category; most-neatly groomed beard; and overall champion.

Men who want to enter the “longest beard” category should come to Russell Rec. on Tuesday, March 2 from 7 to 8 PM. By that date, the beards can be no more than one-half inch long.

Stoppel said it is understandable that all men may not be able or willing to grow “brushes.” For those, “Smoothie” permits and badges will be on sale to avoid possible prosecution by the Prairiesta “hanging judge.” The time and place to buy “Brothers of the Brush” or “Smoothies" badges will be announced at a later date.

The Prairiesta 2021 Team and “Brothers of the Brush” hope all men will participate in the celebration.

(Release courtesy Prairiesta 2021 Committee.)