RRH Partnering to Educate Future Medical Professionals

Russell Regional Hospital
Russell Regional Hospital

Russell Regional Hospital collaborates with the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Wichita to offer medical students the opportunity to intern at the Physicians Clinic under the supervision of Dr. Tyrel Somers and/or Dr. Joel Adams.

The students stay in the Russell community for five weeks and have the opportunity to observe, shadow and learn from both doctors' experiences and knowledge. Students are normally in their third or fourth year of education, though RRH also participates in the STORM program that takes first year students over the summer.

This experience provides the students with insight of what the day-to-day work load is like while also learning the technicalities of clinic cases and processes. This collaboration allows hosts such as Russell Regional Hospital to provide the rural health care experience for medical students and through that exposure cultivate future workforce for medical staffing in rural areas.

RRH CEO David Caudill commented, "I compliment both Dr. Somers and Dr. Adams for their proactiveness in working with medical students and providing them the rural medicine background as this is a commitment on their behalf. We are proud to be included in this program and be part of the future development of medical professionals in Kansas."

Some students are not familiar with rural areas, therefore, the experience isn't only about the clinic education, but also the joys of a rural clinic. Students are required the same confidentiality expectations as the professionals at RRH, therefore, a patient may experience a student working with Dr. Somers and Dr. Adams, but have confidence in the confidentiality of their care.

Dr. Somers commented, "I've been participating in this type of program for five years and truly enjoy the program. Educating and mentoring a medical student while working with my patients allows me to do my favorite things in teaching students and in helping my patients feel better. These programs allow for students to learn, ask questions and experience the actual daily demands of a medical professional."

Thus far in Dr. Somers' career he has directed seven students.

Dr. Adams is new to the program as he recently began his career at RRH in 2022. Dr. Adams will begin working with students from the program soon.

Dr. Adams shares, "I look forward to participating in the program and helping to educate medical professionals that are well on their way to accomplishing their educational goals in healthcare. This experience is vital to the process of a medical student in laying the groundwork from which they will grow into professionals that hold a priority in the health and wellbeing of the community they practice in."

2023 starts another year that RRH is participating in the student experience program. If you meet the students as they are learning at the clinic or out in the community as they have a five-week commitment, RRH hopes the community will welcome them and help show the students how wonderful rural life can be.

(Information courtesy RRH.)