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Sarver Charitable Trust Provides Grant to Smoky Hills PBS

SHPBS 40 Years In Your Neighborhood
SHPBS 40 Years In Your Neighborhood

The Sarver Charitable Trust has awarded Smoky Hills PBS with a grant of $2,500 to support the station's Literacy Leadership Program.

The Literacy Leadership Program of Smoky Hills PBS is an effort to engage and inspire children to be ready and eager to learn. There are two components to this program: children's programming on Smoky Hills PBS (PBS KIDS) and First Book Club.

A portion of the funds received from the Sarver Charitable Trust will go to support 10 hours of safe, non-violent, educational children's programming every weekday on SHPBS. Parents can be assured when their kids are in front of PBS KIDS shows they are learning.

SHPBS provides free books to children enrolled in preschool or head start programs. The funds from the Sarver Charitable Trust will provide books to preschoolers enrolled in Osborne Elementary School.

"At Smoky Hills PBS, we encourage a love of reading at a young age and this is exactly what this grant will help provide to the young kids in Osborne County," said Betsy Schwien, General Manager of Smoky Hills PBS. "With the support of this great foundation, children across our viewing area will also be guaranteed free PBS KIDS programming on Smoky Hills PBS!"

The Sarver Charitable Trust was established by Gail Sarver to benefit those living in Osborne County.

(Information courtesy SHPBS.)