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Scammer Claiming to be Russell Police Chief

Russell Police Department
Russell Police Department

A new scam has arrived in Russell. Scammers are using the Russell Police Department's phone number, 785-483-2121, and claiming to be Russell Police Chief Jordan Harrison.

According to Chief Harrison, the scam artist will claim the person receiving the call has opened several bank accounts and is committing the crime of money laundering. They will then attempt to gain your personal identifying information.

Do not give personal identifying information over the phone. This includes your date of birth, social security number, bank account numbers, etc.

If you have any questions about scams or if you think you have been or may be the victim of a scam, please call the Russell Dispatch Center at 785-483-2121 and request to speak to a police officer. You can also come by the police department and speak with an officer.

(Information courtesy Russell Police Department.)