Russell Community Theater's 103rd Production is Scared Silly, a Compilation of Short Plays

Russell Community Theater Playhouse
Russell Community Theater Playhouse

Scared Silly will be sure to get you in the mood for Halloween. Russell Community Theater's 103rd production is a compilation of short plays dealing with the spooky and supernatural in a most comedic way.

Randyll Mauro is making her directorial debut with this production. Seven short plays have been selected from Scared Silly and RCT is sure this will be an audience favorite. The following individuals have been cast for various roles: Kiefer Craig, Nikki Kuntzsch, Debora Kreutzer, Teressa Roe, Todd Chance, Monica Harrison, Nakota Allen, Dalton Mauro, Brandon Fitzgerald, Sheila Lamb, Olivia Schreiner and Liberty Kuntzsch.

It's You by Ian McWethy - The Brillmore Strangler is on the loose, and as a slasher-movie junkie, Lois couldn't be more excited. Her friends are less thrilled, especially when they hear she's tracked the killer to the very room they're in. As the bodies pile up, accusing the right guy (or girl) proves harder than it looks in this loving send-up of slasher-movie mayhem.

The True Meaning of Halloween by Don Zolidis - On Halloween night, a couple opens their door to a find true monster: a teenager without a costume who demands candy anyway. While Alicia thinks they should just give Jordan a Butterfinger and call it a night, to Jonas, it's about the integrity of trick-or-treating. It's about effort. It's about America. But if there's more to Jordan than meets the eye, it just might also be a Halloween miracle.

The Midnight Club by Jonathan Dorf - It's hard enough for a group of students from different walks of life to get along in detention under the best of circumstances. Try midnight detention at a supernatural school where one kid spiked the punch with holy water and another is trying to slow down his transformation into a zombie. A reminder that in a way, each of us is a brain and an athlete...and a ghost...and a werewolf.

The Kev-Burger by Peter Bloedel - Even though Trisha's broken her glasses, she's excited to have a nice meal with her boyfriend Ned at the new burger place in town. But Ned can see clearly that something's suspicious here. Like the guy covered in blood lurking around. Or the gangsters delivering "steaks" in a body bag. Macabre farce is on the menu in this delicious comedy.

The (Completely Inaccurate) Legend of the Mummy Witch House by Hillary DePiano - Three urban explorers venture into a haunted house to find proof of a legend, but when they come face-to-face with the creepy place's real residents, they're not quite what the trio expected. Turns out, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction - and way more fun.

Forever Friends by Becca Schlossberg - Ash is devoted to her stuffed animals, even though she's 13 and people give her a hard time. Turns out someone else knows exactly how she feels - who happens to be a terrifying ghost who lives in her closet. A whimsical tale of friendship between the human, ghostly and stuffed.

Attack of the Cafeteria Zombies by Ed Monk - Earth faces a peril unlike anything humanity has ever seen, and it looks like cafeteria corn dogs. When the principal and a school bully start acting strangely, a group of students discover that aliens are testing a mind control device on their school lunch. But the invaders have one weakness...and you can collect them all.

Performances run October 18 through 22 at the RCT Playhouse at 5th and Kansas in Russell. Showtime is 8 PM. Admission is $12 or by season ticket. Scared Silly is presented by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

Russell Community Theater is a non-profit theater company in Russell. The sole purpose of RCT is to produce theater for the community and the surrounding area. Completely volunteer driven, RCT is supported financially solely through ticket admissions and gifts from those supportive of community theater. Since its inception in 1986, RCT has presented 102 full-scale theatrical productions. For more information, call 785-483-4057 and find them on Facebook.

(Information courtesy RCT.)